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Subject Matter Experts

Educational Consultants | English | Maths | Business | Science | Exam Centre

Educational Consultant
Eileen O'Duffy, MA, H Dip Ed, DCRE
 Eileen O'Duffy

Eileen taught English for 16 years and was principal of Bruce College for two, leaving to become Vice-Principal and a Director of  the Pre-University Centre in Dublin for six years. She completed a thesis on the Internet and education in 2001. As co-founder and operations manager of Ltd., she managed the launch, marketing and development of both and Eileen has contributed to The Irish Times,, The Examiner and Exam Countdown.

Eileen has been working as an educational consultant with since its inception. Her role includes the recruitment and management of teachers, liaising with the media and the educational community, curriculum design and the provision of student advice services.

Eileen has recently set up a new website providing expert online help for students in real time,



Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are all experienced educators whose credentials speak volumes about their passion for education. Their contribution to courseware is a crucial element in its success.

Anne Gormley
SME - Junior Cycle English: Functional Writing
James Hoban

Anne Gormley MA Modern English Literature(Hons) H Dip Ed (Hons)

Anne Gormley has taught English at Junior and Senior Cycle for 17 years and she currently works in Laurel Hill College in Limerick. She has been an Assistant Examiner for the Department of Education and Science and is secretary of the Mid-West English Teachers Association. Anne is the author of several English texts for Leaving Cert including Revision English for higher and ordinary level in the 'Less Stress, More Success' series. She is also the co-author of 'Awakenings' on poetry and language skills, 'Explorations 2' on language and writing skills, and 'Explorations 3' on literature notes. She has appeared regularly on radio and TV programmes as an expert advisor on writing skills, exam techniques and revision planning.

Lessons: Writing Instructions and Filling out Forms, Letter Writing, Persuasive Writing, Report Writing, Writing Speeches and Interviews, Descriptive Writing

James Hoban MA (Hons), H Dip Ed (Hons)
SME - Junior Cycle English: Media Studies
James HobanJames studied at University College, Galway and Trinity College and has been teaching in the Convent of Mercy secondary school in Roscommon since 1974. He has taught English, Mathematics and History at both Junior and Senior Cycle. James has a particular interest in Media Studies and has been actively involved in the production of a school magazine, which he feels provides the students with a “practical, hands-on approach and understanding of the print media.” He has organised a Media Studies course for Transition Year and reviewed Junior Cycle English text books. He is also a member of the ATE and obtained a Diploma in Management in Education from Trinity College in 1998.

Lessons: Introduction to Media Studies, Advertising, Newspapers, Magazines/Comics/Cartoons, Television and Radio, Internet

Kate Bateman MA, BA Mod Hns, H Dip Ed, Dip Soc
SME - Junior Cycle English: Poetry
Kate BatemanKate Bateman studied first at Trinity College and later took an MA at UCD. She taught Junior, Transition and Senior level English at Stratford College, Dublin. She has been PRO and chairperson of the Association of Teachers of English (ATE). During this time, ATE submitted papers and teachers' reports on the new English syllabus to the Inspectorate at the Department of Education and Science. Kate participated in Leaving Certificate English programmes for TV3. She has been a panellist on exam programmes for Radio 1 and has written Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations commentaries for the Irish Times as well as contributing to their Education & Living supplement.

Lessons: Consultant on all poetry lessons.

Noel Duffy SCH, BA (Mod), H dip Ed
SME - Junior Cycle English: Poetry

Noel studied at Trinity College Dublin before working for the National poetry organisation Poetry Ireland/ Éigse Éireann, where he co-edited (with Theo Dorgan) Watching the River Flow: A Century in Irish Poetry in 1999. As a writer his work has appeared in literary journals in Ireland, Britain, Belgium and the US, and has been broadcast on local and national radio. Noel has led creative writing workshops in schools in Dublin, Belfast and Kilkenny. He was the winner of the Fingal Scribe Poetry Award in 1999.

Lessons: The Wild Swans at Coole, When You Are Old, This is Just to Say, Dulce et Decorum Est, Base Details, Mid Term Break, Follower, Mother of the Groom, Tich Miller, In Memory of my Mother, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, Shall I Compare Thee?

Dr Neil Hegarty BA, MA Eng Lit
SME - Junior Cycle English: Improve your English

Neil holds a BA and a PhD from the English department of Trinity College Dublin. He taught at Trinity and at St Patrick's College, Drumcondra for four years while writing his thesis - so he saw a lot of the seamy side of the English language while correcting students' essays. This has given him a passion for error-free English.

Lessons: Punctuation, Spelling & Words, Sentences & Paragraphs, Grammar 1, Grammar 2


Brendan Duane B Sc, H Dip Ed
SME - Junior Cycle Maths: Algebra


Brendan has been involved in teaching for over twenty years and has extensive examining experience in Information Technology for Leaving Certificate Applied. He teaches Maths at all levels in Junior Cycle, Senior Cycle and Transition Year. He participated for a number of years in project work based on statistical analysis for Transition Year students in conjunction with the UCD Maths Department and has completed a Higher Diploma in Computers in Education.

Lessons: Factors 1, Factors 2, Basic Algebra


Cecelia Hartnett M St, BA Mod. (Natural Sciences), H Dip Ed
SME - Junior Cycle Maths: Trigonometry


Cecelia graduated in the field of microbiology before studying for the Higher Diploma in Education in Trinity College, specialising in the fields of Science and Maths. In 2000 she gained a Masters in Studies, also from Trinity College. Cecelia currently teaches Maths, Science, Biology and Computer Studies.  She has also taught the Maths Applications course on the Leaving Certificate Applied, and has been involved in several school-based programmes including  the 'Schools IT 2000' programme.

Lessons: Area of a Triangle, Pythagoras’ Theorem, The Sine Rule, Triangles – Some Basics, 30/60 degree and 45/45 degree Triangles, Angles of Elevation and Angles of Depression, Problem Solving in Trigonometry, Sin, Cos and Tan of Angles between 90 and 360 degrees


James Healy BA, HDE, GIMA, JEB(Advanced)
SME - Junior Cycle Maths: Algebra


James has been teaching Maths for twenty years in Dublin’s Terenure College, where he is Head of the Maths Department. During that time he has been involved in all aspects of the subject, notably developing strategies to deal with all levels of abilities. He studied at UCD and has trained in new areas such as computer applications. He has corrected Junior and Leaving Certificate exams for a number of years and has also co-authored a series of books for a previous syllabus. Other Maths-related projects James has been involved in include studies into the viability of wind energy and water energy in Ireland.

Lessons: Algebraic Fractions, Double Inequalities, Solving Quadratic Equations, Solving Quadratic Equations by Formula, Adding and Subtracting of Algebraic Fractions, Equations 1, Equations 2, Equations 3, Simultaneous Equations


Marian Daly M Ed, H Dip, Ed, B Sc
SME - Junior Cycle Maths: Geometry


Marian graduated from UCC in the 1970s and taught in Waterford for a number of years before moving to her present teaching position in Loreto Secondary school in Fermoy, Co. Cork. Currently Marian teaches Chemistry, Maths and Biology to Senior Cycle as well as Junior Cycle Maths and Science. She has over twenty years’ experience as an examiner with the Department of Education, having corrected Science at Junior Cycle level and Chemistry at Leaving Certificate Higher Level. Marian is currently a member of the Cork branches of both the I.M.T.A. and the I.S.T.A. She helps organise Maths competitions such as the Irish Junior Maths Competition and the American Maths Competition in her own school.

Lessons: Circles, Constructions, Parallelograms, Triangles, Triangle Theorems, Triangle Theorems 2, Angles, Angles 2

Matt Hynes MSt, B Comm, HDE
Head SME - Junior Cycle Business Studies

Matt studied at Trinity College in Dublin and NU Galway and is a long-serving Business teacher at Saint Mel's College, Longford as well as the Chief Advising Examiner for Higher Level Dept of Education and Science Junior Cycle Business Studies since 1992. A former President of the BSTAI, Matt is deeply involved in Business Studies committees and has contributed considerably to the curriculum, notably between 1987 and 1993. He has several publications to his credit, including the Junior Cycle Business Studies Texts and is the founding editor of the BSTAI Annual Journal.

Lessons: Insurance for Individuals, Household and Business; Sources of Finance for Business, Being an Employer, The Balance Sheet, Double Entry Accounting

'Students are exposed to many different media. Rather than compete with those media we should embrace them and use them to complement the way we teach. This project will be successful because it is using 'their media'. It has a big future and I am delighted to have played some small part in it.'
Aine Nerney BBS, HDE
Subject: Junior Cycle Business Studies

Aine studied at Trinity College, Dublin in the 1980s before teaching in a variety of roles, including Senior Teacher of Economics and Business Studies at Mount Anville Secondary School and Lecturer in Business Teaching Methodologies in NUI, Maynooth. Her experience also includes a two-year secondment to the Dept of Education and Science as a member of Curriculum Support Team Business, a nationwide network for developing and delivering in-career development to Business teachers. She is a past Chairperson of Dublin branch of the BSTAI and a member of its national executive. Aine is currently back at Trinity pursuing a Masters in Education.

Preparing Analysed Cashbooks for Households, National Budgets, Business Documents and Keeping Records 1, Business Documents and Keeping Records 2, Household Expenditure

Rosemary Killian B Comm H Dip Ed
Subject: Junior Cycle Business Studies

Rosemary trained as a teacher in UCG and since 1988 has been with the County Longford VEC as a Computer and Business Studies teacher. She has also been involved in computer training with FAS, PLC and the Computer Training College in Longford and has examining experience for Junior Cycle and FETAC. Rosemary has experience of interactive learning, having worked with NCTE and Intel® on ScoilNet. She is Treasurer of the BSTAI Midlands Branch and a Branch Representative on the BSTAI National Executive.

Protecting the Consumer, Delivery Systems, Forms of Ownership

Alan Cashell BA, H Dip Ed
Head SME - Senior Cycle Business

Alan studied at Trinity before becoming Sandford Park School's first teacher of Business Studies. He is now Head of the Business Studies Department and the Transition Year Coordinator as well as organizing the Young Entrepreneurs Society for the last 8 years. Alan also has extensive lecturing experience at Trinity and the National College of Industrial Relations and designed and taught a lesson for a video of good teaching practice for Senior Cycle Business. An active member of BSTAI, he has given branch level talks in both Dublin and Louth. Alan has also worked as part of the team that has provided in-service on the Junior Cert Business and Leaving Cert Accounting Courses.

The Entrepreneur and Enterprise, Business Start Up, Expansion Issues 1, Expansion Issues 2

'I have not used any computer-aided instruction in the classroom as all the sites I found had been designed for different syllabi. I am looking forward to using Teachers could bring classes to the computer room and use the lessons to introduce or revise a topic. Students who missed classes could be referred to the site. I think it will be a versatile tool and could become the first stop for teachers who wanted assistance in teaching their course.'
Maria Garvey B Comm, H Dip Ed, M Ed
Subject: Senior Cycle Business

Maria studied at the Co-operative Learning Centre, University of Minnesota and has been teaching second level students for 18 years. She has also worked with the Department of Education to introduce the new Junior Cycle Business Studies and Leaving Cycle Accounting to colleagues and with various Education Centres presenting in-service programmes on Co-operative Learning Methodologies. She has also helped to introduce active learning methodologies both for the Leaving Cycle Vocational Programme and the Applied Senior Cycle. She works with student teachers in TCD lecturing on teaching methodologies in Business subjects and also supervises and advises student teachers on teaching practice.

Management, Human Resource Management, Changing Role of Management 1, Changing Role of Management 2

Tommy Flynn B Comm, H Dip Ed
Subject: Leaving and Junior Cycle Business Studies

Tommy trained at UCD and has taught a variety of subjects at St Mary's (Marist) College in Dundalk for the past 13 years as well as being the Transition Year Coordinator. He is a former National Secretary of the BSTAI and National Treasurer of the GDI and webmaster for both organisations. Tommy is also a fully trained and experienced IT2000 tutor and a former ScoilNet Project Officer with the NCTE. He has twice been nominated by the Dept of Education and Science to attend ICT courses in Finland.

Junior Cycle
Marketing 1, Marketing 2s, Owning and Operating a Bank Account

Senior Cycle
Identifying Opportunities and Market Research, Marketing Mix - Price and Product, Marketing Mix - Promotion and Place

Brendan Duane BSc H Dip
Head SME - Junior and Senior Cycle Science

Brendan has been involved in teaching for over 20 years. He has extensive examining experience in Science, Chemistry and Information Technology for Senior Cycle Applied and has completed a Higher Diploma in Computers in Education. Brendan co-authored the Teachers' Resource Handbook in Chemistry and has contributed to the Curriculum Development Initiative and the Intervention Scheme run by the Dept of Education for Girl and Co-ed schools. He is currently a Chemistry Support Service Trainer for the Physical Sciences Initiative delivering in-service for the new Chemistry Syllabus.

Structures and Bonding, Atoms and the Periodic Table, Acids, Alkalis and Salts, Elements of the Periodic Table, Metals, Ores and Rocks, Water and Solutions, Air

'Students are very familiar with the Internet and its workings but all too often valuable time is lost searching for relevant information. is specifically written for the Irish student. Here they will find course content directly related to their subjects and eventually all core material in Junior and Senior Cycle Science subjects. It is hoped that will become a must visit site.'
Michael O'Callaghan BSc Hons, H Dip Ed
Subject: Junior Cycle Science

Michael graduated in 1974 from UCD in Zoology and Biochemistry and after a time lecturing Food Science volunteered as a Biology and Chemistry teacher in a Kenyan school. He returned to Ireland to teach Science at the Patrician Secondary School in Newbridge. He is a fully trained and experienced IT tutor and is the IT Coordinator/Assistant Principal at his school. Michael was also a founder member of the Kildare Science Teachers Association.


Ecology, Breathing and Respiration, Cells and Life Processes, Conservation, Plant Transport, Blood and Circulation, Plant Nutrition, Plant Reproduction, Human Reproduction

Sean Duggan BSc, H Dip Ed
Subject: Junior Cycle Science

Sean trained at Maynooth College, leaving in 1972 to teach Physics and Science at the Patrician Secondary School in Newbridge. He is deeply involved in the promotion and organisation of Science within the school, teaching Science programs to Transition Year and Senior Cycle applied students. Sean is also the co-founder and former Chairperson of the Kildare branch of the Irish Science Teachers' Association.


Earth and Beyond, Forces 1, Forces 2, Static Electricity and Magnetism

Therese Conway BSc, H Dip Ed (Hons)
Subject: Junior Certificate Science
Therese Conway

Therese graduated from UCC and has been teaching with Co Dublin VEC for the past 15 years. She has taught Junior Certificate Science and Maths as well as Leaving Certificate Biology and Physics. Therese is also involved in developing and teaching Transition Year and PLC courses within the school curriculum.

Current Electricity

Exam Centre
Anne Gormley (English)
Exam Centre

Anne Gormley has taught English at Leaving Cert Higher and Ordinary level for 17 years and she currently works in Laurel Hill College in Limerick. She has been an Assistant Examiner for the Department of Education and Science, and is secretary of the Mid-West English Teachers Association.

Anne is the author of several English texts for Leaving Cert including Revision English for higher and ordinary level in the 'Less Stress, More Success' series. She is also the co-author of 'Awakenings' on poetry and language skills, 'Explorations 2' on language and writing skills, and 'Explorations 3' on literature notes. She has appeared regularly on radio and TV programmes as an expert advisor on writing skills, exam techniques and revision planning.

Philip Campion (English)
Exam Centre

Philip Campion teaches English at Skerries Community College, Co. Dublin. He is a current Leaving Cert Honours English Examiner. Philip has 25 years experience of classroom teaching at all levels. Philip makes radio broadcasts as an expert in Leaving Cert English and reviews exams for the Irish Times Exam desk.

He is a co-partner of 'Philip Campion and Company'. This exciting teaching service provides brilliant learning days for  Leaving Cert Students around Ireland. The Company provides Leaving Cert Higher Level Prepartion Days in English and the Sciences in third level regional venues throughout Ireland. Philip's company provides students at these Seminars with a a number of revision books under the banner 'Textbreaker'.

Randal Henly (Physics and Chemistry)
Exam Centre

Randal Henly is a former Head of Science at Mount Temple School in Dublin, where he taught Leaving Cert Physics and Chemistry for 36 years. He is editor of 'Science', the journal of the Irish Science Teachers Association, and the author of a number of science textbooks including 'Chemistry for Today', 'Rapid Revision Chemistry', 'Physics Today' and 'Science Quest'.

Randal has won many awards for his services to Science teaching including the Lodge Award (1987), the Science Educator of the Year (1984), and the RDS Award (2000, 2001) for devising and presenting his 'Fun with Science' series of lectures. He has also worked as a lecturer to student teachers in St. Patrick's College, Maynooth for seven years.

Joe Reville (Biology and Science)
Exam Centre

It was with great sadness that we have learned of the passing of Joe Reville, on 30th August 2013.

Joe Reville had been teaching Science and Biology in Ireland since 1976, having previously worked in Australia. He taught in Terenure College in Dublin and in the Institute of Education, where he taught Biology, Science and study skills. He has been an examiner at both Junior Cert and Leaving Cert level for seventeen years and was vice-chairperson of the Dublin branch of the Irish Science Teachers Association.

He is the author of several textbooks including 'Rapid Revision Science', 'Rapid Revision Biology' and 'Study Skills: Yes You Can!' Joe was a regular contributor to radio and TV programmes on study skills, science and biology.

Eimear Fitzgerald (Home Economics)
Exam Centre

Eimear Fitzgerald has been teaching Home Economics for more than 20 years and she is currently Head of Department at Sutton Park School in Dublin. She has been an Assistant Examiner with the Department of Education and Science for many years, and has written Exam Technique Handbooks.

Gerry Moore (History)
Exam Centre

Gerry Moore is a History Graduate of both Maynooth College (BA) and University College, Dublin (MA). He has been teaching History since 1988. He taught History in a Junior High school in the Bronx, New York City for four years. He has also taught History in Mount Temple School in Dublin and was Head of the History Department there up until he left in 2001. He is particularly proud of the fact that so many of his Leaving Certificate History students went on to study the subject at Third level. He has given workshops to student teachers in Trinity College, Dublin on History teaching methods.  He is particularly interested in the use of IT in History teaching. He has developed two Web-Sites of his own, one on the Donegal poet and writer, Patrick MacGill and the other for Leaving Certificate History.  Gerry is presently working as a History and Resource teacher in Glenties Comprehensive School, Co. Donegal.

Oliver Murphy (Applied Maths)
Exam Centre
Oliver Murphy has been principal of Castleknock College since 2009 and prior to this he had been teaching both Maths and Applied Maths in Belvedere College and the Institute of Education for over 25 years. He is the author of "Fundamental Applied Mathematics", which is Ireland's best-selling Applied Maths book - ever! He has also written the acclaimed Discovering Maths series for second level, which has been very well received by teachers throughout the country. In 1998, Oliver Murphy was the first winner of the Victor W Graham Perpetual Trophy, an award for teachers of Applied Maths. Oliver also encourages and trains the students at his school to take part in national and international competitions, such as the AMC, the Canadian Gauss and Cayley Contests and the Irish Junior Maths Competition.

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