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Maths Junior Cycle Study Notes

Can you do quick calculations in your head when faced with shop prices or change from bus fares? Do you know how to work out your chances of winning the Lottery jackpot? Do you look at the grade statistics from previous Junior Cert exams to estimate your prospects of success?

Mathematics is about developing skills with numbers, counting and measurement, about preparing you for many practical aspects of everyday life. But it is also about the promotion of logical thinking and problem-solving skills that will stand to you in your future study and career, whether in business, architecture, engineering, computing or other fields. Maths is at the heart of the digital signals that beam your TV pictures or allow you to have a mobile phone conversation from the top of a mountain. Every time you use your personal computer, you are building on this foundation of logical thinking.

The Junior Cert course is examined at higher, ordinary and foundation level so there is something for everyone. An attempt is made to strike the balance between challenging the most able students and at the same time encouraging those who find maths very difficult. Aspects of algebra, geometry, trigonometry and functions are added to the knowledge gained at primary level and practical topics are addressed as much as possible.

If you find maths very difficult, remember that confidence is the crucial ‘x factor’. Build your knowledge up slowly, practice any examples and you will soon be operating on a different plane!

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